Lara McFarlane

Lara McFarlane Lara McFarlane

Lara began Pilates at the age of 12 at the Australian Ballet School. After sustaining various injuries through dance, she came to enjoy Pilates & strength training even more than dance itself and decided to share that joy of movement with others. 

Since completing her Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction in 2017, she has taught a range of clients, from ballet dancers and teenagers through to working professionals, the elderly, pregnant clients and clients suffering from chronic pain, MS and other conditions.

Lara enjoys helping clients to build body-awareness, develop better movements patterns and re-balance the muscular imbalances in their bodies. She’s also passionate about providing clients with the tools and confidence to take care of their bodies both inside and outside the studio.

When she’s not in the studio she enjoys ice skating, bike riding and volunteering at her local church. 

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